Letters from a father to his daughter

Hmmm…… Letters from a father to his daughter, and the foreword written by the grand-daughter. When I first saw this book, which is a collection of letters that Nehru wrote to Indira Priyadarshini, I thought this must be having the same standard as that of “Glimpses of World history” or “Discovery of India” interms of language and content. However, on knowing that this was written for Indira as a child of around 8-10 years old, I realised that this is for children. Ofcourse, that, i should have realised as soon as I saw the cover and font, which unfortunately didn’t happen. Anyways, I always liked Nehru for his amazing writing ability and will continue to like him for that. This book proved that once again. Nehru is Nehru…unparelled. I wonder how he can talk about so many things with such a clarity. Wonder how Indira Gandhi might have felt.

Coming to the point, this book is mostly a sorta – “theory of evolution” for children for some parts. Remaining parts, it discusses about the advent of different sects of people in to India and so on. It is a mini-history text written in the most lovable way for children. I guess this book is interesting to read for children and their parents alike. The way he puts in the facts and weave a tale of history is amazing. When I read a few letters of “Glimpses of world history”, I wondered if a teenaged girl like Indira can take so many things mentioned in the book, even if she is a genius. But, this book is more practical in that sense. It came to the level of a 10 year old. Wonder why its priced so high coz, if the purpose was to reach children, the price could have been a bit low. After a brief virtual encounter with a publisher, I am slightly afraid of the consequences of the previous sentence. So, I wish not to talk about price now.

Almost all those things mentioned in the book – I read somewhere or the other. But, reading this book was a good experience nevertheless. This is mainly because of Nehru’s clarity of thought and his ability to explain things in a simple and understandable way. Indira Gandhi is lucky … coz, Nehru rox, despite all that politics and private life. Well, I am talking about Nehru, the author and Nehru, the father. Nothing else. Guess, this is the smallest post in this blog so far 🙂

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  1. Envy, Envy, Envy! How can you find time to read so many books? That too after attending classes, writing poems, spending with friends, doing social work…etc
    Plz, plz tell me the trick!

    Good article again! Thanks a lot for making me remember this book.

  2. read it a long time back .. it was in my course syllabus .. but it was a great reading I must say.

  3. i hate phanindra… man he reads minds!!

  4. It’s amazing that u manage to balance ur loads of work with reading and writing reviews..,anyway again a nice work.

  5. hey….
    good review..
    i came accross this novel long back, but i thought it is for children and passed on searching for other book…

    I feel like reading the book now so that i can explain to kids the greatness of Nehru…and his writings and the content mainly he wanted Indira to understand…i may not be that clear but still i will try…

    any way nice article again and thanks once again for inspiring…

  6. Hey Sowmya,
    Today I’m browsing your blog left and right….I got hooked to this blog.
    Yes..We need to agree that Nehru was a person with varied interests and good writing skills. We cannot underestimate the role of “Nehru’s grooming” in Indira Gandhi’s life. She is well groomed and it made her “Iron Lady of India” 🙂
    This reminds me..the handwriting of Nehru also…that is also very good….Alas!!!!! My dad’s writing is language neutral…Telugu or English or Hindi or Urdu or any language is similar 😉
    Imagine my problems in understanding my dad’s letters…thanks to technology…we are using mobile phones..as primary mode of communication.

  7. somya hi. you seem to be a person who is mad for reading books. so i think dat u r d right person who can tell me that where i can find this book online. i m not gettin this book any vere on the net. so if u can help me then plzz tell me that vere i can find it ONLINE. plzzzz this is a request frm a new frnd of urs.

  8. @Nida:
    Thanks. I dont think it is available online, though.
    Try in some online book stores. You might find it to order.

  9. Hey, do u have a free ebook site for that book i want that book very dearly plz!!!!

  10. Hey do u have any free ebook site for it? plz i need it

  11. hello, I am writing a blog passage titled ‘the origin of the world’. I read the book ‘Letters from a father to his daughter’. Now, when I start the blog, I recognized that it will help me alot. But I left the book in my country. It’s difficult to find the book again. So, if u don’t mind, could you tell me in which website I can read that. Thanks for giving time.

    With best wishes,
    P Teet

  12. @Pteet:
    It should be available with most of the leading bookstores around. You can always try for the book at online shopping stores like indiaplaza.in or rediff.com
    @Your Friend: I dont know any online sources.

  13. I stumbled on this blog by chance, when I was looking out for the book “Letters from a father to his daughter” for my son. I am equally impressed by the reviews of various books in a refreshing manner. Keep up the good work.

    This book is available for purchase online here:


    Surya (Singapore)

  14. I read this book when I was in my 10th standard.
    We had a chapter in English from this book, which got us to borrow this book from someone and read it.
    It is a very beautiful book. As you said, you see Nehru, the father shaping his daughter’s career, building her character.

    Well written review.

  15. very much inspired by u r spate of posts covering all the aspects.

    Keep going . u Rock

  16. Dear Sowmya,
    I gotta project of writing i book review .I’m just 13 years old so can i write what u hve written? o.O
    please reply .
    Thanking you,
    Akshat your friend

  17. @Akshit: I don’t know if this is ham or spam – but, I can’t allow someone to copy my blog posts.

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