Motorcycle Diaries

At the first glance, I actually didn’t know what the movie is about. But, only a day or 2 before, a friend of mine told me about a book called “motorcycle dairies” or some similar name, which was written by Che Guevera about his travels in Latin America and the way it changed his life after that. So, seeing this name, I thought this movie might be the same one made in to a movie. Ofcourse, on a bit of googling, i was confirmed.

Well, coming to the movie, it is a candid movie, devoid of all gimmicks and stuff. The first and foremost thing which attracted me was the natural beauty. I was just spellbound. Well before the feel of the actual story started sinking in, i fell in love with the nature and scenic beauty of Latin America 🙂 This does not mean that the storyline is not interesting. It was greatly touching. I was constantly taken back to the movie in these 2,3 days after watching it. Despite not knowing much about Che, I always liked him. “If you tremble with indignation against injustice, then you are my comrade” – this statement which I heard sometime back made me his fan since some time.

Che Guevera,an MD student and his friend,Alberto Granado,a bio-chemist start on a trip – to cover a distance of around 8000 Kms in four months, explore Latin America, which they knew only through books. This trip, on a old motor-bike ! quite ambitious! Well, It is believed that this trip changed the course of life of Che Guevera. During the trip, they come across the realities of Latin American life, the people, problems and life-style. Actually, there might be nothing much to talk about in this kind of movies, but, this is one of the most touching movies I have ever seen. This is one of the 3 movies which have inspired me a lot.

Che’s concern for people, especially at the leprosy home where he goes to work for a few weeks is really touching. The way the river seperates the lepers and the normal people – rather, people use the river for seperation is really thought-provoking. Everything in this movie is REAL. Nothing artificial. Perhaps, reality is harsh and sometimes boring too. Still, that is reality. This movie is capable of changing one’s way of thinking, seen in the right way. Well, I don’t mean everybody should become a revolutionary shouting Inquilab Jindabad. But, concern for mankind is something that is needed. This movie asserted my belief that “Humanity is God”.

Background score matched the mood of the movie. The screenplay was 99% real. Infact, I was imagining myself as either Che or Ernesto depending on who is on the scene at the moment, quite many times. I believe this is the quality of a good movie. It should take us with it. It had its element of fun too. The duo’s adventures with their bike should be seen to have a hearty laughter. This fellow who played Che – looked cute .. 🙂 . Whatever, this movie made me even more interested in Che. Hope some movie comes showing his life cycle fromErnesto Guevara de la Serna, the medico to the great Che Guevera …. Or if it has already come, or if u have seen any book, then, please drop a comment here about it please.

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  1. I watched this movie couple of months back. I gave 5 stars to it. Che giving 15 dollars to a woman in need is really touching.

    Crossing the river in the night on his birthday is like a telugu movie 🙂

    I really liked the positive side of his life, but was a bit upset about the violence he committed in his life and his death…

  2. I always wanted to watch this movie and also know more abt Che. For that matter, I always wanted to know more abt Socialist and Communist movements of 60s-70s and the people associated with them, their lives, thier struggles, abt which our generation knows very little when compared to Gandhi-Nehru-Indira Gandhi etc. Thanks for the review, am gonna get this movie next time I go to Blockbuster. And hey you have a very nice blog and all the reviews and the books/movies/songs are great too. Most of em you reviewed, are either my fav or on my wish list.

  3. “Despite not knowing much about Che, I always liked him” lol..I could not help laughing. I was lucky to catch this movie an year and a half ago. Excellent movie No doubt. Gael Garcia Bernal is on of the finest actors living in the world.

    I recommend watching “The lost city” by andy garcia to see otherside of the coin.

    What really baffles me is junta’s fascination with che/communism. Funny enough, its not just folks in India. Even undergrads in US campus think “its a statement” to wear Che’s t-shirts etc.

  4. Beautiful blog and beautiful review….Expecting more such stuff from you. Best wishes.

  5. Y dont u post all ur posts in tp here.Some of them were really gud.

  6. the best part is the contents of the letters he writes back to his mother…. how meaningful… i dont remember the exact phrases…the very thought of it makes me horripilated..
    every face in the movie,especially those that appear during the end credits still haunt me…

  7. Recently my friend after reading review in Eenadu sunday booklet bought a book on Che. I dont remember the title but I am sure you will find it easily in Visalandhra book store.

  8. Hi Sowmya, atlast I had a chance to watch this movie yesterday. The first thing which caught my attention is the cinematography/locales. I was just imagining myself with a camera at every location in each scene. They are not dramatic, magnificient, but .. serene, calm, luscious. Real Visual Treat. The storyline is equally good but I guess, I felt its not hard-hitting or moving enuf, may be coz the injustice/stark reality wasn’t portrayed enuf and its intentional coz its just the beginning of his “journey”.

  9. I watched this movie about a week ago and have been intrested in Che and his history(Revolutionizing Cuba) and what not, because of this brilliant movie. Besides the fact that i had to read the sub-titles I loved it and i recomend it to any historian who wants some background info on Ernesto Guevara.

  10. dear soumya,
    i am a fan of che. and unfortunately neither “chasing che” nor “motorcycle dairies”, is available at my place here at berhampur,orissa.
    i used to watch chasing che and even beatriz and gustavo presented the doc beautifully
    please help me out

  11. I’m not in agreement with is views completely. But am influenced by his Motorcycle diaries to the extent that I traveled many times with my friends. But am not the person to put that idea forward. Am going to write our Motorcycle diaries.


    from here u can go into the adventurous world of us. The MOTORCYCLE DIARIES of us. If u like them, I expect a comment upon them

  13. Seen this movie. mesmerising.

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