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I happened to listen to the songs of this movie – Amma cheppindi. Well, to say something about these songs has become a difficult task for me. The reason is – I liked one song very much. But others are OK. It was altogether a new experience listening a “dotdash…” however…. funny song. I think there are around 7-8 songs including bit songs. None were unbearable. Most of them were only passable. Somehow, 1 song affected me very much, one song had the innocence of a …. innocent soul 🙂 and one more song was different from all those songs I have heard before.

Well, to begin with, the first song was: “ammagaa kOrukunTunnaa”. This tune appeared a bit typical of these days tunes. Going by the lyrics and the mood of the song, it was really touching and it had mother’s heart in it. I instantly felt it reflected every mom’s feelings. But the singer’s voice I felt was not matured enough to be a mother’s voice. The tone of the song was great as well as its mood but, somehow, I couldn’t fit in that voice as a mother’s!! Perhaps, I must have seen the movie. But, This is only about its songs. This song had some tinge of bollywood kinda music in it … I am unable to specifically this….but this is somehow different from usual telugu songs. Though not exceptional, it was able to convey the content well.

Next in the list is “Dot dash..” seriously speaking, i din’t understand what this song intended to say. Initially, i felt that is how the song begins. But, it continued and ended in DOT DASH. Guess it is one experiment. Or I got this weird idea …. did the Director wanted to convey something in this Morse code kinda format?? 🙂 ofcourse, i know this idea is really weird…. hehehe. This was the song i felt DIFFERENT. Next was “ento dooram” . It had this Mother’s heart in it. “amma hrudayam” ! Next was “evaremainaa ananee vinaku” good song. Slow…soothing. It had the mom saying some encouraging words to his son. some simple lines like –

“padi talalu undi em laabham

talapulu raaksi vaitE”

“tuDuchukOraa kanneeLLani

cheruputaayi nee navvuni”

– which have very simple words had a greater impact than they would have been in some other framework(MUSIC i mean)

Next came Janaganamana – the national anthem. there was one Parody song, the original of which I’ll talk about in the end …..which happened to be my favourite in this album. There is one comedy song -“tirupati penchina meesam” which was ok.

“vastaavaa naato” is another song. This was the song which I liked for its innocence. It had really simple thoughts and expressed in really simple words. Its not an exceptional song but…. somehow, i liked it.

And now comes the one i liked the most – “maaTaltO svaraalE … ” . Well, here goes the lyrics:

“maaTaltO svaraalE shikaaru kelte geetam

andangaa nisabdam talonchukunTe sangeetam

sangeetam tO chestE snEham

palikindallaa geetam”


“kaagitaallo nidurapoye kammanee maaTe

kaasta lemmani illayaraja tune kadutunTe….

paaTalle egiriraadaa

nee gunDe gooDai podaa?

sangeetam to chestE sneham

hrudayam layale geetam”


“gorumuddalu kalipipette gaaramoka paata

paatasaalalo modata nerpe paatamoka paata

ooyalani oopunu paate

devudini nerpunu pata

sangeetam tO chEstE snEham

bratukantaa O geetam”

There ends the song. Everything fitted well for this. Voice suited well, music was good. Lyrics were good. Well, I am not going to analyse the song. But, one thing I can say is that it makes a good listening and prompts some of us to listen again …. and again. Finally, a good album to listen. I seriously didn’t expect this when I began playing this on my PC!

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  1. Sowmi this time u proved it again!! even i felt the same when i heard those songs.

    I liked both vastava natho and matallo swaraley.

    The songs are abstract i guess, they made me wonder where wud they come in movie 😀
    anyways good work !

  2. sowmya

    i understand you havent watched the movie, coz the dot dash song is _actually_ a code in morse! 🙂 and a very important part of the story line.


  3. Motherly love is expressed vry well in the songs.Sowmya’s review is heart touching.I too haven’t wtched the movie.

  4. Sowmya,

    Your blogs are really good.. I really happy to see the post on ‘Mataltho.. ‘ song .. When I was writing this post, I never expected I could see the similar on other’s blog.. Felt very happy after reading yours post..

  5. hi Sowmya..!!
    your casette review.. is nice..
    I liked the song “matalto…..”

    dot-dash must be copy of this 😛


  6. Your blog color combination is really great.
    With reference to the songs…I liked 2 songs..
    One is normal the other is sorrow….I dont remember exactly but…entho duram….the tuning is superb…
    thanks for your analysis on this movie songs…I wont see much movies but I love to listen to the songs…

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