The Rear Window

I have not seen any of Hitchcock’s movies so far though I wanted to since long. So, when I saw this movie in the LAN, I was all too eager to watch it. I have a brief idea of the story before. That is also one reason for this curiosity about the movie. Well, despite being one of the slowest movies I have ever seen, it is one of those thrilling ones, which are able to maintain the grip till the end. In brief, it is the story of Jeff, who watches the happenings in an apartment, from his rear window.

After I fell in love with “stream of consciousness”, I don’t understand whether I am seeing all the things in that way or in what all I saw are specific cases. Well, I can’t resist saying that this movie and its taking reminded me of “stream of consciousness” or “chaitanya sravanti” or whatever name you prefer to call it. The flow was perfect. Never in recent past did i sit continously for 1 hr 54 min to watch a movie completely, except ofcourse in theatre (even there, there is an interval).

I feel the element of thrill increased because of the slow pace of the movie. The dialogues are something which I liked very very much apart from the screenplay. They were witty and at places sarcastic, both of which I love a lot. For example, the nurse Stella comments on Jeff peeping in to others private lives through his window saying:

” let people get out of their own houses and peep in, for a change” 🙂

I don’t know even a single actor actress there and I don’t want to. But, Jeff looked really great …. as far as the expressions, both facial and vocal are concerned. Stella, I liked the conversations between Jeff and Stella a lot. If u speak in terms of a story line, in this kind of stories, what is to be said takes a back seat. How is it said takes the driver’s seat. Well, anyways, its a simple story. Jeff keeps watching a man and his wife. One day he notices the man’s suspicious behavior and from then on, we don’t see his wife. Jeff suspects a murder, and no body believes him. Rest of the story goes in his attempt to convince his frend Doyle that what he is saying is true. His Fiancee Lisa and his nurse Stella assist him in his search.

The way Lisa and Stella get obsessed with Jeff’s obsession is well presented. Ofcourse, the way we get obsessed with the common motive of proving the man as a murderer cannot be described. It can only be felt. 😉 For the first part of the movie, I liked the dialogue part very much. There are some moments where I went back and listened to them once again, only to enjoy encore. But, as time passed, and the story began taking us with it, I became as immersed as Jeff,Stella and Lisa. Luckily, there is no need of panting,unable to keep up with the pace as this is a slow one. Don’t laugh. It happens with some movies……every thing goes too fast to understand.

Though this is the main story, the stories of different characters in the neighbourhood too come in and go out. This resembles the free flow of thoughts in one’s mind, free flow of life on the universe and my favorite topic: stream of consciousness 🙂 Finally, an interesting movie. Keeps you glued to the screen till the end, if not right from the beginning.

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  1. Good review! I want to see this movie.. for I checked on the net and found the herione really beautiful 🙂

    One thing. This movie is still not in public domain and so its better if you avoid saying that you downloaded this movie from your college LAN, in a public blog like this. Neverthless, can you give me this movie by copying in a CD from your “college LAN” and give it to me as a gift? 🙂

  2. I happened to watch the movie and I must confess I could not sit through it. It was way too slow. (for me) However I couldnt recollect the dialogue which you mentioned in the post. Guess I can give it one more try. But something tells me Hitchcock is not everyone’s cup of tea.(especially mine)

  3. The movie Psycho, is a master piece of Hitchcock. The effect of the film – those days, the house where I was staying did not have an attached bath. So whenever there was a need to visit bathroom during night, my wife used to wake me up, to guard her.

  4. @cbrao

    I tell ya the bathroom scene of psycho is the most hyped up scene ever.It is a classic example of how people blow things out of proportion so much so that even the critical minds who see it watch it with an uncritical and prejudiced mindset.

  5. ivanni next march loga cd raasi pettu. dvd aithe inkaa better [:D]

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