One Poem

This particular category is dedicated to a few excerpts from the books/music I come across. Let me begin with this:

This was a poem in a book of Tagore’s poems. I am not sure if this was written by him, because this was not mentioned in the contents page of the book, but was the first poem of the book. Enough of these speculations and heres the poem:

Incense yearns to dissappear in scent

scent, to cling to incense

Melody seeks to fetter herself in rythm

while the rythm flows back to melody

Idea seeks its body in form

form, its freedom in idea

The infinite seeks the touch of the finite

the finite, its release in the infinite

What drama is this – between creation & destruction –

this ceaseless to & fro between idea and form ?

Bondage is striving after freedom

& freedom seeking rest in bondage

— The Later poems of Rabindranath Tagore translated to English by Aurobindo Bose

Well,to conclude, though I didn’t understand the philosophy behind the poem fully, the rythm in it and the power of words touched me deeply. Anybody who sees this poem can please drop in your views on the poem @the comments section 🙂

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  1. naakuu idi artham kaalEdu! artham kaakunnaa baagundanipinchE vishayaallO idii okaTi…accham prEma laaga 🙂

  2. Too high-funda to say anything.
    Guess you understand you are asking for interpretations of a work of a genious, and that too .. an artistic genious.
    We, normal mortals, can do best by just wondering at what he might be trying to convey. The play of words is amazing. If only I could understand what they meant too 😀

  3. Being -in- itself. Creator and creation. In this poem the creation is unable to exist on it’s own without creator.

    Creator Creation
    Incense (yearns to dissappear in) scent
    Melody (seeks to fetter herself in) rythm
    Bondage (is striving after) freedom

    Read Jean-Paul Sartre, Philosophy & Existentialism for more interesting analysis and logical thinking.

  4. well I think only the combination of opposites make life worth melody n rhythm both are important 2 music.bondage n freedom should be there i.e. wat we call controlled music should have melody n rhythm,thats why melody n rhythm are in mutual search of 1 another.

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