Bose – The forgotten hero

Quite some time since I blogged in English!!!!! When I began blogging, I didn’t expect that I will write about a Hindi song here. But, then, I have just realised how intensely the songs of Bose have affected me, only after more than 1 year of he movie’s release. Ever since Its release, I was listening to these songs …. but, after I came to IIIT, it became like an obssession for me to listen to these songs. There is a great force in the music and some touching lyrics by Javed Akhtar saab. And..yes, there is a feel of patriotism. Be it “kadam kadam badaayE jaa” or “azaadi……” or “tanhaa raahee…..” whatever it is, while listening to those songs, I was feeling like a freedom fighter myself! Well, what made it? is it the Music of ARR or the words of Akhtar – I am not able to chose one….. and i know I can’t!

The movie in itself is a master piece by Shyam Benegal. Ofcourse, when I say this, I know many people who are bored with this and didn’t like it much. But, Bose and his dynamism fascinated me after watching this movie so much so that the very next day, I began reading the biography of Bose written by his aid – Sisir Kumar Bose which I never cared to read in detail though I myself forced my mom in to buying it ! Ofcourse, the movie covers only that part which begins from Bose’s escape to the Afghan land and ends in this controversial plane crash. Anyways… this is a digression as I began and I want to talk about the songs for the moment … 😀

One main feature of these songs is that they have less number of words and more number of repetitions ….. 🙂 easier to remember ….. which is why I am able to write them out here …. ofcourse, I referred to some online lyric pages to correct myself at some places…. 🙂 . Here is one such site where I found the lyrics for the 3 best songs of Bose. There is this 4 th song – hum dilli dilli jaayenge which has this driving force …. to mobilise the youth.

“kadam kadam badhaye jaa khushi ke geet gaye jaa
yeh jindagi hain kaaum ki tu kaaum pe lutaye jaa”

Thus begins the song kadam kadam. The marching in the background adds punch to the already punchy chorus. This is a good combo of good music and good singing I guess.

“tu sher hind aage badh, bandhe se phir bhi tu na darr
udake dushmano ka sir, jo de watan badhaye ja ”

To instill some courage in to people I guess ….. ofcourse, though it might sound a bit hyperbolical for somebody like me, I still liked these words because such kind of hyperbolisms help in mustering courage amongst the mass and Subhash wanted lots of youth for his INA.

“chalo dilli pukarti hume disha sambhali
lakh ye bighadke lehraye ja lehraye ja ”

lehraaye jaa lehraaye jaa….. this repetition is for emphasis and force again I believe. Well, u may not believe me … but there ends the lyrics part ! repetition of the same pairs of lines again and again has this effect of creating an excitement in the people.

Coming to the song which inspired me the most – “Azaadi”. This is again a small song …. so, I can reproduce here. This depicts the growing consciousness amongst the people on the need for independence. It is like a soliloquy of Bose ji I think. I watched this movie in an utterly corrupted CD … so, don’t know the situation.

“jaage hain ab saare
log tere dekh watan
gunje hai naro se ab ye zameen aur ye gagan
kal tak main tanha tha sune thhe sab raste
kal tak main tanha tha par ab hain saath mere
lakho dilo ki dhadkan dekh watan”

I was experiencing Bose’s excitement when I heard those words – “kal tak mein tanhaa thaa… “. I think a song is a great song if u feel it urself. This is one such songs.

“hum chahe azadi
hum mange azadi
Azaaadi chaayegi
Azaaadi aayegi aayegi”

This chanting made me feel as if “azaadi” were a mantra. There is a patriotic fervor in the words.

Coming to my personal favorite – Tanhaa Raahee……. This touched me deeply than all of these. This is more personal than others. Probably, that is one reason. Or perhaps, I identified myself in the song…… or perhaps, I want to be like that person in the song…. or ……. and many or’s 😀

“tanha rahi apni rah chalta jayega
ab to jo bhi hoga dekha jayega”

“bojh kitna ho mushkilon ka magar
na jhuka hain na jhuk sakega yeh sir
zinda phir bhi rahega mera zameer
jism ko maut bhi aa jaye agar”

That is the spirit of BOSE !!!

” baazi pe lagane khatir hum jaan hatheli par laye

ab chahe jiye ab chahe mare jo hona hain woh ho jaye”

Again, this reflects the mindset of Bose during those days. I guess Akhtar entered in to and researched Bose’s soul …… Bose was a loner in his campaign for a long time……. This song is just wonderful in potrayal of his psyche.

“manzilein kabhi kya milegi humein
hogi kya sehal kabhi jo raah hain kadi
aaj har jawab humko mil jayega
aa gayi hain aaj faisle ki ghadi”

The last 2 lines touched me deeply I should say. In the past one year, these lines kept reverberating in my mind whenever I was involved in decision making and result seeking 🙂

There is this song –hum dilli dilli jaayenge. Another one full of JOSH. An inspiring one indeed again! I had an entirely different and irrelavant reason to remember this song …. but still …. this is a power filled song which forces to become the INA of 40’s. :). Here’s one review of “Bose”‘s music which I came across online. Ofcourse, I saw it after writing this though …. 😉

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  1. I felt the same patrotism and “josh” as you did after reading the lyrics,although i have not seen the whole movie but i have seen some of its portions and I admire the songs. Its nice to read your review on the songs,because you have correctly accociated them with your feelings.

  2. Good review! Before commenting further, I have to listen to these songs once…

  3. Whether it is Javed Akhtar,Sahir Ludhianvi or Sailendra our Indian launguages convey and stir such inner feelings which a foreign launguage may not. Probably our launguages can convey more depth feelings and emotions than English.No wonder that you are moved with such beautiful lyrics set to tune by A.R.Rehman. It is a natural feeling.

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