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Guiding souls… is another book by our Prez Dr Kalam with Arun Tiwari. Well, after that experience with “life tree” I didn’t feel like reading anybook of Kalam’s for some time. This “Guiding Souls” – I have been seeing it ever since this library began…but never felt like reading it. Don’t ask me the reason – I just don’t know. Today, as I went to the library as usual, I couldn’t find the book I began Y’day. That was E=mc2 by David Bolanis. But, it is in demand ever since it was purchased by the library. So, not a surprise that It is not found today. Someone might have borrowed it.

Dr Kalam is his usual philosophical self right from the preface. Having read one of his books less than one week before, I am bound to compare both the books. Well, coming to this part, Dr Kalam is best suited for this kind of writing – is what i understood as i went from page to page of Guiding Souls. Arun Tiwari who is his co-writer for this book as well as his Wings of Fire shows great erudition and keeps good discussion going on. Dr kalam begins talking about “Eternal interconnections” in the world right from the beginning. Almost like a flash, Fritjof Capra and his “Tao of Physics” stuck me.

In these few pages I read, I came to know lots of things about…………er…………lots of things 😀 He quotes pieces from those old works like “Astavakra Gita” to the latest ones. From Confucius to Friedrich Nietsche, from Quran to Bhagawad Gita, Kalam passes quite eloquently. The bibiliography and Notes shows how intense readers both these authors are. The discussions on them shows that they are deep thinkers. Reading these pages, I couldn’t resist browsing through the index, bibiliography, appendix and notes. That itself is quite exhausting for my little brain 😉
Let me share with U some things from what Dr Kalam shared with all of us in that book. Kalam’s philosophy of life is seen in each and every line of the book…… ofcourse, till what i have read. more than that, I don’t know. If i get a chance to read it again, i’ll surely post a Guiding Souls -2. 🙂
“You are neither earth,water,fire, air and not even ether. Know yourself as consisting
consciousness, the witness of these 5”.
-Says Astavakra gita.
Kalam says at one place –
“Thoughts do not come from outside..neither the feelings nor images. They come from the soul and go back to the soul-always within the soul”
– This is quite true…was what i felt..based on personal experiences though…. 😉

Talking about Knowledge and Experience, he says at one place – “knowledge is the very fabric of experience”. Well, frankly speaking, my understanding about this statement is very very vague. But, then, I liked the sentence. May be I’ll understand what he meant as thoughts come out of me and go in to me… as Kalam Ji said… 😀
At one place, Arun Tiwari asks Kalam – “What is truth?” Kalam gives a good answer paraphrasing Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher –
“Truth is the discipline of the ascetic,the quest of the mystic,the faith of the simple,the ransom of the weak,the standard of the righteous,the doctrine of the meek,the challenge of the Mature”
an “all-round definition” i guess. What do you say?
At one place, talking about general human thought process, Dr Kalam says-
“what do you think? Are not all your thoughts subjective? Examine your thoughts closely and you will see that they are either desires or fears. Then, there is a polarisation of me and not me. what else? ”
I guess his thought process is partly a result of his reading and partly experience.
Talking about globalisation, he says –
“The universal power never judges nor criticises. It only accepts us at our own value.”
Well…after all these, I liked one poetic statement given by him – “lifeless by itself but casting life in to the stone” – talking about the instrument in the hands of the sculpture.

To conlcude, I think this book is a must read for someone interested in learning and has a yearning for knowledge. Well, I am still baffled….how did Kalam find time to read all those books?? From now on, guess I can’t say – “I dont have time to read books these days”, with that sheepish look of mine! Kalam is a good writer …. I am confirmed after this book.

PS: Today, I received a compliment from one reader in … He said – “I read ur article about the book-Salaam Hyderabad. I was prompted to buy the book on reading the article…….and it ran so on.
well, dont comment. I take this as a compliment and the case is closed. :))

Phir milengey.

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  1. i m very much inspired by dr abdul kalam

  2. everyone should read this book.

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